Send money

Do you need to send money to a relative somewhere else in the world?
Do you need to have money sent to you?

If so, then Western Union is the fastest, simplest and most secure way to transfer money throughout the world.

Western Union and X-change
X-change is the agent for Western Union in Sweden. Western Union has over 220,000 agents in 200 countries. You can send money simply and securely at any of these offices within minutes.

Here is what you do in order to send money:

1. Go into and of X-change’s branches. All are agents of Western Union.

2. Fill out a form, deposit the amount that is to be transferred and pay a transaction fee. If you are picking up money then you will need to show an ID-card or authorization documents.

3. Money that has been transferred can be picked up at the nearest Western Union agent within 10 minutes.

Planning on traveling? Before you leave, ask X-change what Western Union agents are located at your travel destination. You can also get this information by calling 020-901090 in Sweden.

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